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Why Joining Us
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Why Joining Us

Minerig Industry is a fast growing company
Minerig industry is a young and fast pace growing engineering services and solutions company in the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry offering opportunities for individuals who wish to expand their careers. Minerig industry is searching for talented and motivated people worldwide to assist the development of its global business and hopes each potential professional takes the opportunity to grow with our company. Minerig industry provides total range of drilling & production equipments and project management through integrated teams of technical personnel experienced in all phases of oil & gas well engineering. The Company can also, if required, provide individual engineers for standalone projects.

People is foremost in Minerig industry
Our people are our future, and to sustain the strength within our company we must invest in their success. We are dedicated to attracting and maintaining a dedicated team by providing a professional growth, safe, satisfying and enjoyable work environment, valuing diversity, creating ongoing opportunities for career advancement, and offering excellent compensation and benefits. As products and engineering services company, people are the primary resource. Everyone is encouraged to communicate with all levels of management for any questions at any time.

The opportunities provided in Minerig industry
As a small to medium size products and engineering services company, we provide solutions covering all offshore and onshore oil and gas field developments. Our scale and business pattern opens the door for growth opportunities among many different disciplines within this industry. Minerig industry encourages its employees to open the door beyond their area of expertise to develop multi-skills across the various opportunities within our organization whether is be a technical or business leader path. We value our employees and encourage long term commitments.

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