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Minerig industry is dedicated to providing its customers with onshore & offshore drilling equipments (which include but is not limited to land rig and its components, replacement parts, tubular handling tools, mud pump and its expendables, mud valves, mud agitator, drill string, OCTG, fishing tools etc), cementing equipments, offshore equipments and production equipments, we offer an extensive range of high quality services to meet your needs.

Minerig Industry has established a list of approved strategy vendors that have all the relevant API, ISO DNV, ABS, CCS certification required as well as proven commitment to quality. During manufacturing of equipment packages Minerig industry are on site, contributing to the quality of the end product, and its ability to perform in the field. Minerig Industry has developed its own acceptance testing standards that exceed conventional Factory Acceptance Testing, and provides comprehensive after sales service in the product life cycle, including equipment installation, commissioning and rig up support, operational training, warranty interface, and supply of technical service and spare parts.

Minerig Industry know that the quality of new product is only as good as the manufacturing process. That is why we take great lengths to ensure that all our products are manufactured to the highest standard. Minerig Industry process through frequent visits and Q&A to make sure our customers get the highest quality goods. We offer the full range of API specification drilling equipments.

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Drilling Equipments
>General Catalogue
>Tubular Handling Tools
>Mud pumps & Its Expendables
Oilfield Tubular
>Down Hole Tools

>Cementing Equipments
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