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Minerig Industry Co., Ltd is a privately owned independent global products & services supplier and drilling project management company with provide international expertise for onshore & offshore of exploration development in oil & gas energy industry. The Company has provided international project management, well engineering and operational logistics to some of the World's leading oil and gas exploration companies. The Company's management team and in-house technical teams have decades of industry experience across the entire range of global project management and engineering services for the industry.

Minerig Industry has dedicated skilled in-house technical expertise, allowing senior-level service and continuity of contact throughout a project services. Oil and gas operations management can reduce their expenditure by having the benefit of Minerig Industry's experience in oil & gas field exploration development equipments, either for drilling engineering services & supervisions production equipments & technology services complete management of the project. The reduction of risk and cost is Minerig Industry's Business.

Minerig Industry is fully committed to meeting its client needs with a strong record of client cost-savings, on-time and on-cost delivery at the highest standard of health, safety and environmental control. Minerig Industry team has been operating onshore, offshore including deepwater Drilling Rigs and providing Drilling Services to many reputed Exploration and Production Companies. The Company has proven its global expertise through successful project management throughout China, United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and beyond.

For more information visit www.minerigindustry.com

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